Online Survey Tools

The layout of a web site and the graphics used plays a huge role in how much time a user spends there. This is especially important when directing a call to action, such as how to apply or where to go to pay. Survey sites need these types of graphics as well in order to encourage users to come back.

In order for survey sites to be effective and draw people in, they have to be set up so that the user can easily be directed to and through the survey. This can easily be accomplished with graphics that clearly highlight how to proceed through each step. Those little next buttons on the bottom of the page are not eye catching enough to keep the survey takers attention.

The way in which the graphics are placed can draw the users attention to where it needs them to be and direct them to the survey and even through it. It should not be so busy that the survey taker gets even more confused by multiple imagery, but there should be that image that “pops” and says click here.

Remember, for most people taking surveys online is a “take it or leave it” enterprise. In other words, if it starts to become more difficult than its worth than they will just abandon the project altogether and look for something else to do. If it is engaging from start to finish and easy to follow, then the time is worth it to them.

When designing an interface for a survey site you have to think like the typical survey taker and make the pages intuitive accordingly. While professionals generally know to look for that little next button below the question, a survey taker is going to need something less subtle. Even if that means a big green GO Sign at the end of each survey question.

Always keep in mind the golden rule of intuitive web design: the site needs to be able to think like the user will, not the way you as the designer does. So when designing the interface for a survey site you need to make it so that their eye is naturally drawn to the right graphic that will allow them to proceed.

With survey sites there is more than just directing the user. You also need to be able to create the surveys themselves to be easy to read, understand and answer. Here you don’t want a page that is too busy or the user finds it difficult to concentrate on the question. Instead make the print as bold as possible for both the questions and answers. Also make sure that there is a clear break between the question and answer use easy multiple choice answers.

A survey site presents a unique challenge to a web site designer. Without a product to sell and keep the user engaged it is even more important to create a layout and graphics that is entertaining and easy to use in order to keep the user on the site. Keep this in mind when creating ideas for a survey site.