Hello and welcome to TBWA Denmark, as website about graphic design and online business! I am Jack Russell, a graphic designer and online entrepreneur since 2008 and I’ve been successful since then. I live with my children and wife here in Texas and we are enjoying an excellent living, thanks to my online business and graphic design skills.

This website aims to provide audiences resources related to graphic design and the craft itself. In addition to that, we aim to provide resources for online business. We are looking for different ways to expand our audience reach and we found solutions by setting up websites such as this. This way, our content, ideas and resources are accessible to anyone and anywhere in an easy to do manner.

If you are a graphic designer and/or an online entrepreneur, you can find this website helpful and resourceful. The best thing is that you will appreciate how online business and graphic designing connects with one another. You will learn how to start an online business and if you have the skills and talent, incorporate graphic design to it. By combining these two, you can easily create a successful online entrepreneurship as they are closely related to one another.

This website will feature mainly graphic design topics featuring novice to advanced techniques. We will also feature online business entrepreneurship ranging from beginner to advance. In addition to that, you can find that an excellent combination of graphic design skills and the ability to grasp online entrepreneurship skills can come in handy. You will never know that this two will greatly get along with one another.

If you’re looking for success online, you can never find any great combination that graphic design skills and online business knowledge. Hope you enjoy reading my website!


Good Day,
Jack Russell